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irr::scene::IMeshWriter Class Reference

Interface for writing meshes. More...

#include <IMeshWriter.h>

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Interface for writing meshes.

Definition at line 23 of file IMeshWriter.h.

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virtual irr::scene::IMeshWriter::~IMeshWriter ( ) [inline, virtual]


Definition at line 28 of file IMeshWriter.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual EMESH_WRITER_TYPE irr::scene::IMeshWriter::getType ( ) const [pure virtual]

Get the type of the mesh writer.

For own implementations, use MAKE_IRR_ID as shown in the EMESH_WRITER_TYPE enumeration to return your own unique mesh type id.

Type of the mesh writer.
virtual bool irr::scene::IMeshWriter::writeMesh ( io::IWriteFile file,
scene::IMesh mesh,
s32  flags = EMWF_NONE 
) [pure virtual]

Write a static mesh.

fileFile handle to write the mesh to.
meshPointer to mesh to be written.
flagsOptional flags to set properties of the writer.
True if sucessful

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