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irr::gui::IGUIFontBitmap Class Reference

Font interface. More...

#include <IGUIFontBitmap.h>

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Font interface.

Definition at line 17 of file IGUIFontBitmap.h.

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virtual s32 irr::gui::IGUIFontBitmap::getKerningWidth ( const wchar_t *  thisLetter = 0,
const wchar_t *  previousLetter = 0 
) const [pure virtual]

Gets kerning values (distance between letters) for the font. If no parameters are provided,.

the global kerning distance is returned.

thisLetter,:If this parameter is provided, the left side kerning for this letter is added to the global kerning value. For example, a space might only be one pixel wide, but it may be displayed as several pixels.
previousLetter,:If provided, kerning is calculated for both letters and added to the global kerning value. For example, EGFT_BITMAP will add the right kerning value of previousLetter to the left side kerning value of thisLetter, then add the global value.

Implements irr::gui::IGUIFont.

virtual IGUISpriteBank* irr::gui::IGUIFontBitmap::getSpriteBank ( ) const [pure virtual]

returns the parsed Symbol Information

virtual u32 irr::gui::IGUIFontBitmap::getSpriteNoFromChar ( const wchar_t *  c) const [pure virtual]

returns the sprite number from a given character

virtual EGUI_FONT_TYPE irr::gui::IGUIFontBitmap::getType ( ) const [inline, virtual]

Returns the type of this font.

Reimplemented from irr::gui::IGUIFont.

Definition at line 22 of file IGUIFontBitmap.h.

References irr::gui::EGFT_BITMAP.

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