Irrlicht 3D Engine
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
irr::core::aabbox3d< T >Axis aligned bounding box in 3d dimensional space
irr::core::map< KeyType, ValueType >::AccessClass
irr::core::array< T, TAlloc >Self reallocating template array (like stl vector) with additional features
irr::core::CMatrix4< T >4x4 matrix. Mostly used as transformation matrix for 3d calculations
irr::scene::CMeshBuffer< T >Template implementation of the IMeshBuffer interface
irr::core::list< T >::ConstIteratorList iterator for const access
irr::core::map< KeyType, ValueType >::ConstIteratorConst Iterator
irr::core::dimension2d< T >Specifies a 2 dimensional size
irr::scene::IAnimatedMeshInterface for an animated mesh
irr::scene::IAnimatedMeshMD2Interface for using some special functions of MD2 meshes
irr::scene::IAnimatedMeshMD3Interface for using some special functions of MD3 meshes
irr::scene::IAnimatedMeshSceneNodeScene node capable of displaying an animated mesh and its shadow
irr::scene::IAnimationEndCallBackCallback interface for catching events of ended animations
irr::io::IArchiveLoaderClass which is able to create an archive from a file
irr::io::IAttributeExchangingObjectAn object which is able to serialize and deserialize its attributes into an attributes object
irr::io::IAttributesProvides a generic interface for attributes and their values and the possiblity to serialize them
irr::scene::IBillboardSceneNodeA billboard scene node
irr::scene::IBillboardTextSceneNodeA billboard text scene node
irr::scene::IBoneSceneNodeInterface for bones used for skeletal animation
irr::scene::ICameraSceneNodeScene Node which is a (controlable) camera
irr::scene::IColladaMeshWriterInterface for writing meshes
irr::scene::IColladaMeshWriterNamesCallback interface to use custom names on collada writing
irr::scene::IColladaMeshWriterPropertiesCallback interface for properties which can be used to influence collada writing
irr::scene::ICollisionCallbackCallback interface for catching events of collisions
irr::gui::ICursorControlInterface to manipulate the mouse cursor
irr::scene::IDummyTransformationSceneNodeDummy scene node for adding additional transformations to the scene graph
irr::IEventReceiverInterface of an object which can receive events
irr::io::IFileArchiveThe FileArchive manages archives and provides access to files inside them
irr::io::IFileListProvides a list of files and folders
irr::io::IFileReadCallBackCallback class for file read abstraction
irr::io::IFileSystemThe FileSystem manages files and archives and provides access to them
irr::scene::IGeometryCreatorHelper class for creating geometry on the fly
irr::video::IGPUProgrammingServicesInterface making it possible to create and use programs running on the GPU
irr::gui::IGUIButtonGUI Button interface
irr::gui::IGUICheckBoxGUI Check box interface
irr::gui::IGUIColorSelectDialogStandard color chooser dialog
irr::gui::IGUIComboBoxCombobox widget
irr::gui::IGUIContextMenuGUI Context menu interface
irr::gui::IGUIEditBoxSingle line edit box for editing simple text
irr::gui::IGUIElementBase class of all GUI elements
irr::gui::IGUIElementFactoryInterface making it possible to dynamically create GUI elements
irr::gui::IGUIEnvironmentGUI Environment. Used as factory and manager of all other GUI elements
irr::gui::IGUIFileOpenDialogStandard file chooser dialog
irr::gui::IGUIFontFont interface
irr::gui::IGUIFontBitmapFont interface
irr::gui::IGUIImageGUI element displaying an image
irr::gui::IGUIImageListFont interface
irr::gui::IGUIInOutFaderElement for fading out or in
irr::gui::IGUIListBoxDefault list box GUI element
irr::gui::IGUIMeshViewer3d mesh viewing GUI element
irr::gui::IGUIScrollBarDefault scroll bar GUI element
irr::gui::IGUISkinA skin modifies the look of the GUI elements
irr::gui::IGUISpinBoxSingle line edit box + spin buttons
irr::gui::IGUISpriteBankSprite bank interface
irr::gui::IGUIStaticTextMulti or single line text label
irr::gui::IGUITabA tab-page, onto which other gui elements could be added
irr::gui::IGUITabControlA standard tab control
irr::gui::IGUITableDefault list box GUI element
irr::gui::IGUIToolBarStays at the top of its parent like the menu bar and contains tool buttons
irr::gui::IGUITreeViewDefault tree view GUI element
irr::gui::IGUITreeViewNodeNode for gui tree view
irr::gui::IGUIWindowDefault moveable window GUI element with border, caption and close icons
irr::video::IImageInterface for software image data
irr::video::IImageLoaderClass which is able to create a image from a file
irr::video::IImageWriterInterface for writing software image data
irr::io::IIrrXMLReader< char_type, super_class >Interface providing easy read access to a XML file
irr::scene::ILightManagerILightManager provides an interface for user applications to manipulate the list of lights in the scene
irr::scene::ILightSceneNodeScene node which is a dynamic light
irr::ILoggerInterface for logging messages, warnings and errors
irr::video::IMaterialRendererInterface for material rendering
irr::video::IMaterialRendererServicesInterface providing some methods for changing advanced, internal states of a IVideoDriver
irr::scene::IMeshClass which holds the geometry of an object
irr::scene::IMeshBufferStruct for holding a mesh with a single material
irr::scene::IMeshCacheThe mesh cache stores already loaded meshes and provides an interface to them
irr::scene::IMeshLoaderClass which is able to load an animated mesh from a file
irr::scene::IMeshManipulatorAn interface for easy manipulation of meshes
irr::scene::IMeshSceneNodeA scene node displaying a static mesh
irr::scene::IMeshWriterInterface for writing meshes
irr::scene::IMetaTriangleSelectorInterface for making multiple triangle selectors work as one big selector
irr::IOSOperatorThe Operating system operator provides operation system specific methods and informations
irr::scene::IParticleAffectorA particle affector modifies particles
irr::scene::IParticleAnimatedMeshSceneNodeEmitterA particle emitter which emits particles from mesh vertices
irr::scene::IParticleAttractionAffectorA particle affector which attracts or detracts particles
irr::scene::IParticleBoxEmitterA particle emitter which emits particles from a box shaped space
irr::scene::IParticleCylinderEmitterA particle emitter which emits from a cylindrically shaped space
irr::scene::IParticleEmitterA particle emitter for using with particle systems
irr::scene::IParticleFadeOutAffectorA particle affector which fades out the particles
irr::scene::IParticleGravityAffectorA particle affector which applies gravity to particles
irr::scene::IParticleMeshEmitterA particle emitter which emits from vertices of a mesh
irr::scene::IParticleRingEmitterA particle emitter which emits particles along a ring shaped area
irr::scene::IParticleRotationAffectorA particle affector which rotates the particle system
irr::scene::IParticleSphereEmitterA particle emitter which emits from a spherical space
irr::scene::IParticleSystemSceneNodeA particle system scene node for creating snow, fire, exlosions, smoke..
irr::scene::IQ3LevelMeshInterface for a Mesh which can be loaded directly from a Quake3 .bsp-file
irr::IRandomizerInterface for generating random numbers
irr::io::IReadFileInterface providing read acess to a file
irr::IReferenceCountedBase class of most objects of the Irrlicht Engine
irr::core::irrAllocator< T >Very simple allocator implementation, containers using it can be used across dll boundaries
irr::core::irrAllocatorFast< T >Fast allocator, only to be used in containers inside the same memory heap
irr::IrrlichtDeviceThe Irrlicht device. You can create it with createDevice() or createDeviceEx()
irr::scene::ISceneCollisionManagerThe Scene Collision Manager provides methods for performing collision tests and picking on scene nodes
irr::scene::ISceneLoaderClass which can load a scene into the scene manager
irr::scene::ISceneManagerThe Scene Manager manages scene nodes, mesh recources, cameras and all the other stuff
irr::scene::ISceneNodeScene node interface
irr::scene::ISceneNodeAnimatorAnimates a scene node. Can animate position, rotation, material, and so on
irr::scene::ISceneNodeAnimatorCameraFPSSpecial scene node animator for FPS cameras
irr::scene::ISceneNodeAnimatorCameraMayaSpecial scene node animator for Maya-style cameras
irr::scene::ISceneNodeAnimatorCollisionResponseSpecial scene node animator for doing automatic collision detection and response
irr::scene::ISceneNodeAnimatorFactoryInterface for dynamic creation of scene node animators
irr::scene::ISceneNodeFactoryInterface for dynamic creation of scene nodes
irr::scene::ISceneUserDataSerializerInterface to read and write user data to and from .irr files
irr::scene::quake3::IShaderA Parsed Shader Holding Variables ordered in Groups
irr::video::IShaderConstantSetCallBackInterface making it possible to set constants for gpu programs every frame
irr::scene::quake3::IShaderManagerManages various Quake3 Shader Styles
irr::scene::IShadowVolumeSceneNodeScene node for rendering a shadow volume into a stencil buffer
irr::scene::ISkinnedMeshInterface for using some special functions of Skinned meshes
irr::core::list< T >::IteratorList iterator
irr::core::map< KeyType, ValueType >::IteratorNormal Iterator
irr::scene::ITerrainSceneNodeA scene node for displaying terrain using the geo mip map algorithm
irr::scene::ITextSceneNodeA scene node for displaying 2d text at a position in three dimensional space
irr::video::ITextureInterface of a Video Driver dependent Texture
irr::ITimerInterface for getting and manipulating the virtual time
irr::scene::ITriangleSelectorInterface to return triangles with specific properties
irr::scene::IVertexManipulatorInterface for vertex manipulators
irr::video::IVideoDriverInterface to driver which is able to perform 2d and 3d graphics functions
irr::video::IVideoModeListA list of all available video modes
irr::io::IWriteFileInterface providing write access to a file
irr::io::IXMLBaseEmpty class to be used as parent class for IrrXMLReader
irr::io::IXMLWriterInterface providing methods for making it easier to write XML files
irr::core::line2d< T >2D line between two points with intersection methods
irr::core::line3d< T >3D line between two points with intersection methods
irr::core::list< T >Doubly linked list template
irr::core::map< KeyType, ValueType >Map template for associative arrays using a red-black tree
irr::core::map< KeyType, ValueType >::ParentFirstIteratorParent First Iterator
irr::core::map< KeyType, ValueType >::ParentLastIteratorParent Last Iterator
irr::core::plane3d< T >Template plane class with some intersection testing methods
irr::core::quaternionQuaternion class for representing rotations
irr::core::rect< T >Rectangle template
irr::video::S3DVertexStandard vertex used by the Irrlicht engine
irr::video::S3DVertex2TCoordsVertex with two texture coordinates
irr::video::S3DVertexTangentsVertex with a tangent and binormal vector
irr::scene::SAnimatedMeshSimple implementation of the IAnimatedMesh interface
irr::io::SAttributeReadWriteOptionsStruct holding data describing options
irr::scene::quake3::SBlendFuncA blend function for a q3 shader
irr::video::SColorClass representing a 32 bit ARGB color
irr::video::SColorfClass representing a color with four floats
irr::video::SColorHSLClass representing a color in HSL format
irr::gui::SCursorSpriteStructure used to set sprites as cursors
irr::SEventSEvents hold information about an event. See irr::IEventReceiver for details on event handling
irr::video::SExposedVideoDataStructure for holding data describing a driver and operating system specific data
irr::SEvent::SGUIEventAny kind of GUI event
irr::gui::SGUISpriteA sprite composed of several frames
irr::gui::SGUISpriteFrameA single sprite frame
irr::SIrrlichtCreationParametersStructure for holding Irrlicht Device creation parameters
irr::SEvent::SJoystickEventA joystick event
irr::SJoystickInfoInformation on a joystick, returned from irr::IrrlichtDevice::activateJoysticks()
irr::SEvent::SKeyInputAny kind of keyboard event
irr::SKeyMapStruct storing which key belongs to which action
irr::video::SLightStructure for holding data describing a dynamic point light
irr::SEvent::SLogEventAny kind of log event
irr::video::SMaterialStruct for holding parameters for a material renderer
irr::video::SMaterialLayerStruct for holding material parameters which exist per texture layer
irr::scene::SMD3FaceTriangle Index
irr::scene::SMD3HeaderThis holds the header info of the MD3 file
irr::scene::SMD3MeshHolding Frames Buffers and Tag Infos
irr::scene::SMD3MeshBufferHolding Frame Data for a Mesh
irr::scene::SMD3MeshHeaderThis holds the header info of an MD3 mesh section
irr::scene::SMD3QuaternionTagHold a tag info for connecting meshes
irr::scene::SMD3QuaternionTagListHolds a associative list of named quaternions
irr::scene::SMD3TexCoordTexture Coordinate
irr::scene::SMD3VertexCompressed Vertex Data
irr::scene::SMeshSimple implementation of the IMesh interface
irr::SEvent::SMouseInputAny kind of mouse event
irr::io::SNamedPathUsed in places where we identify objects by a filename, but don't actually work with the real filename
irr::scene::SParticleStruct for holding particle data
irr::scene::ISkinnedMesh::SPositionKeyAnimation keyframe which describes a new position
irr::scene::ISkinnedMesh::SRotationKeyAnimation keyframe which describes a new rotation
irr::scene::ISkinnedMesh::SScaleKeyAnimation keyframe which describes a new scale
irr::scene::SSharedMeshBufferImplementation of the IMeshBuffer interface with shared vertex list
irr::scene::SSkinMeshBufferA mesh buffer able to choose between S3DVertex2TCoords, S3DVertex and S3DVertexTangents at runtime
irr::core::string< T, TAlloc >
irr::SEvent::SUserEventAny kind of user event
irr::scene::quake3::SVarGroupListHolding a group a variable
irr::scene::SVertexColorBrightnessManipulatorVertex manipulator which adjusts the brightness by the given amount
irr::scene::SVertexColorContrastBrightnessManipulatorVertex manipulator which adjusts the contrast by the given factor and brightness by a signed amount
irr::scene::SVertexColorContrastManipulatorVertex manipulator which adjusts the contrast by the given factor
irr::scene::SVertexColorDesaturateToAverageManipulatorVertex manipulator which desaturates the color values
irr::scene::SVertexColorDesaturateToLightnessManipulatorVertex manipulator which desaturates the color values
irr::scene::SVertexColorDesaturateToLuminanceManipulatorVertex manipulator which desaturates the color values
irr::scene::SVertexColorGammaManipulatorVertex manipulator which adjusts the brightness by a gamma operation
irr::scene::SVertexColorInterpolateLinearManipulatorVertex manipulator which interpolates the color values
irr::scene::SVertexColorInterpolateQuadraticManipulatorVertex manipulator which interpolates the color values
irr::scene::SVertexColorInvertManipulatorVertex manipulator which invertes the RGB values
irr::scene::SVertexColorScaleManipulatorVertex manipulator which scales the color values
irr::scene::SVertexColorSetAlphaManipulatorVertex manipulator to set the alpha value of the vertex color to a fixed value
irr::scene::SVertexColorSetManipulatorVertex manipulator to set color to a fixed color for all vertices
irr::scene::SVertexColorThresholdManipulatorVertex manipulator to set vertex color to one of two values depending on a given threshold
irr::scene::SVertexPositionScaleAlongNormalsManipulatorVertex manipulator which scales the position of the vertex along the normals
irr::scene::SVertexPositionScaleManipulatorVertex manipulator which scales the position of the vertex
irr::scene::SVertexPositionTransformManipulatorVertex manipulator which transforms the position of the vertex
irr::scene::SVertexTCoordsScaleManipulatorVertex manipulator which scales the TCoords of the vertex
irr::scene::SViewFrustumDefines the view frustum. That's the space visible by the camera
irr::scene::ISkinnedMesh::SWeightA vertex weight
irr::core::triangle3d< T >3d triangle template class for doing collision detection and other things
irr::core::vector2d< T >2d vector template class with lots of operators and methods
irr::core::vector3d< T >3d vector template class with lots of operators and methods
irr::io::xmlChar< T >