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irr::io::IWriteFile Class Reference

Interface providing write access to a file. More...

#include <IWriteFile.h>

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Interface providing write access to a file.

Definition at line 17 of file IWriteFile.h.

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virtual const path& irr::io::IWriteFile::getFileName ( ) const [pure virtual]

Get name of file.

File name as zero terminated character string.
virtual long irr::io::IWriteFile::getPos ( ) const [pure virtual]

Get the current position in the file.

Current position in the file in bytes.
virtual bool irr::io::IWriteFile::seek ( long  finalPos,
bool  relativeMovement = false 
) [pure virtual]

Changes position in file.

finalPosDestination position in the file.
relativeMovementIf set to true, the position in the file is changed relative to current position. Otherwise the position is changed from begin of file.
True if successful, otherwise false.
virtual s32 irr::io::IWriteFile::write ( const void *  buffer,
u32  sizeToWrite 
) [pure virtual]

Writes an amount of bytes to the file.

bufferPointer to buffer of bytes to write.
sizeToWriteAmount of bytes to write to the file.
How much bytes were written.

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