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irr::gui::IGUIFileOpenDialog Class Reference

Standard file chooser dialog. More...

#include <IGUIFileOpenDialog.h>

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Standard file chooser dialog.

When the user selects a folder this does change the current working directory
This element can create the following events of type EGUI_EVENT_TYPE:

Definition at line 24 of file IGUIFileOpenDialog.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

irr::gui::IGUIFileOpenDialog::IGUIFileOpenDialog ( IGUIEnvironment environment,
IGUIElement parent,
s32  id,
core::rect< s32 rectangle 
) [inline]


Definition at line 29 of file IGUIFileOpenDialog.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual const io::path& irr::gui::IGUIFileOpenDialog::getDirectoryName ( ) [pure virtual]

Returns the directory of the selected file. Returns NULL, if no directory was selected.

virtual const wchar_t* irr::gui::IGUIFileOpenDialog::getFileName ( ) const [pure virtual]

Returns the filename of the selected file. Returns NULL, if no file was selected.

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