Irrlicht 3D Engine
irr::io::IFileReadCallBack Class Reference

Callback class for file read abstraction. More...

#include <irrXML.h>

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Callback class for file read abstraction.

With this, it is possible to make the xml parser read in other things than just files. The Irrlicht engine is using this for example to read xml from compressed .zip files. To make the parser read in any other data, derive a class from this interface, implement the two methods to read your data and give a pointer to an instance of your implementation when calling createIrrXMLReader(), createIrrXMLReaderUTF16() or createIrrXMLReaderUTF32()

Definition at line 214 of file irrXML.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual irr::io::IFileReadCallBack::~IFileReadCallBack ( ) [inline, virtual]


Definition at line 219 of file irrXML.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual long irr::io::IFileReadCallBack::getSize ( ) const [pure virtual]

Returns size of file in bytes.

virtual int irr::io::IFileReadCallBack::read ( void *  buffer,
int  sizeToRead 
) [pure virtual]

Reads an amount of bytes from the file.

buffer,:Pointer to buffer where to read bytes will be written to.
sizeToRead,:Amount of bytes to read from the file.
Returns how much bytes were read.

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