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irr::gui::IGUIComboBox Class Reference

Combobox widget. More...

#include <IGUIComboBox.h>

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Detailed Description

Combobox widget.

This element can create the following events of type EGUI_EVENT_TYPE:

Definition at line 19 of file IGUIComboBox.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

irr::gui::IGUIComboBox::IGUIComboBox ( IGUIEnvironment environment,
IGUIElement parent,
s32  id,
core::rect< s32 rectangle 
) [inline]


Definition at line 24 of file IGUIComboBox.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual u32 irr::gui::IGUIComboBox::addItem ( const wchar_t *  text,
u32  data = 0 
) [pure virtual]

Adds an item and returns the index of it.

virtual void irr::gui::IGUIComboBox::clear ( ) [pure virtual]

Deletes all items in the combo box.

virtual s32 irr::gui::IGUIComboBox::getIndexForItemData ( u32  data) const [pure virtual]

Returns index based on item data.

virtual const wchar_t* irr::gui::IGUIComboBox::getItem ( u32  idx) const [pure virtual]

Returns string of an item. the idx may be a value from 0 to itemCount-1.

virtual u32 irr::gui::IGUIComboBox::getItemCount ( ) const [pure virtual]

Returns amount of items in box.

virtual u32 irr::gui::IGUIComboBox::getItemData ( u32  idx) const [pure virtual]

Returns item data of an item. the idx may be a value from 0 to itemCount-1.

virtual u32 irr::gui::IGUIComboBox::getMaxSelectionRows ( ) const [pure virtual]

Get the maximimal number of rows for the selection listbox.

virtual s32 irr::gui::IGUIComboBox::getSelected ( ) const [pure virtual]

Returns id of selected item. returns -1 if no item is selected.

virtual void irr::gui::IGUIComboBox::removeItem ( u32  idx) [pure virtual]

Removes an item from the combo box.

Warning. This will change the index of all following items

virtual void irr::gui::IGUIComboBox::setMaxSelectionRows ( u32  max) [pure virtual]

Set the maximal number of rows for the selection listbox.

virtual void irr::gui::IGUIComboBox::setSelected ( s32  idx) [pure virtual]

Sets the selected item. Set this to -1 if no item should be selected.

virtual void irr::gui::IGUIComboBox::setTextAlignment ( EGUI_ALIGNMENT  horizontal,
) [pure virtual]

Sets text justification of the text area.

horizontal,:EGUIA_UPPERLEFT for left justified (default), EGUIA_LOWEERRIGHT for right justified, or EGUIA_CENTER for centered text.
vertical,:EGUIA_UPPERLEFT to align with top edge, EGUIA_LOWEERRIGHT for bottom edge, or EGUIA_CENTER for centered text (default).

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