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irr::gui::IGUIFont Class Reference

Font interface. More...

#include <IGUIFont.h>

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Font interface.

Definition at line 39 of file IGUIFont.h.

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virtual void irr::gui::IGUIFont::draw ( const core::stringw text,
const core::rect< s32 > &  position,
video::SColor  color,
bool  hcenter = false,
bool  vcenter = false,
const core::rect< s32 > *  clip = 0 
) [pure virtual]

Draws some text and clips it to the specified rectangle if wanted.

text,:Text to draw
position,:Rectangle specifying position where to draw the text.
color,:Color of the text
hcenter,:Specifies if the text should be centered horizontally into the rectangle.
vcenter,:Specifies if the text should be centered vertically into the rectangle.
clip,:Optional pointer to a rectangle against which the text will be clipped. If the pointer is null, no clipping will be done.
virtual s32 irr::gui::IGUIFont::getCharacterFromPos ( const wchar_t *  text,
s32  pixel_x 
) const [pure virtual]

Calculates the index of the character in the text which is on a specific position.

text,:Text string.
pixel_x,:X pixel position of which the index of the character will be returned.
Returns zero based index of the character in the text, and -1 if no no character is on this position. (=the text is too short).
virtual core::dimension2d<u32> irr::gui::IGUIFont::getDimension ( const wchar_t *  text) const [pure virtual]

Calculates the width and height of a given string of text.

Returns width and height of the area covered by the text if it would be drawn.
virtual s32 irr::gui::IGUIFont::getKerningHeight ( ) const [pure virtual]

Returns the distance between letters.

virtual s32 irr::gui::IGUIFont::getKerningWidth ( const wchar_t *  thisLetter = 0,
const wchar_t *  previousLetter = 0 
) const [pure virtual]

Gets kerning values (distance between letters) for the font. If no parameters are provided,.

the global kerning distance is returned.

thisLetter,:If this parameter is provided, the left side kerning for this letter is added to the global kerning value. For example, a space might only be one pixel wide, but it may be displayed as several pixels.
previousLetter,:If provided, kerning is calculated for both letters and added to the global kerning value. For example, in a font which supports kerning pairs a string such as 'Wo' may have the 'o' tucked neatly under the 'W'.

Implemented in irr::gui::IGUIFontBitmap.

virtual EGUI_FONT_TYPE irr::gui::IGUIFont::getType ( ) const [inline, virtual]

Returns the type of this font.

Reimplemented in irr::gui::IGUIFontBitmap.

Definition at line 68 of file IGUIFont.h.

References irr::gui::EGFT_CUSTOM.

virtual void irr::gui::IGUIFont::setInvisibleCharacters ( const wchar_t *  s) [pure virtual]

Define which characters should not be drawn by the font.

For example " " would not draw any space which is usually blank in most fonts.

sString of symbols which are not send down to the videodriver
virtual void irr::gui::IGUIFont::setKerningHeight ( s32  kerning) [pure virtual]

Sets global kerning height for the font.

virtual void irr::gui::IGUIFont::setKerningWidth ( s32  kerning) [pure virtual]

Sets global kerning width for the font.

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