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irr::scene::IMeshSceneNode Class Reference

A scene node displaying a static mesh. More...

#include <IMeshSceneNode.h>

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A scene node displaying a static mesh.

Definition at line 20 of file IMeshSceneNode.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

irr::scene::IMeshSceneNode::IMeshSceneNode ( ISceneNode parent,
ISceneManager mgr,
s32  id,
const core::vector3df position = core::vector3df(0,0,0),
const core::vector3df rotation = core::vector3df(0,0,0),
const core::vector3df scale = core::vector3df(1,1,1) 
) [inline]


Use setMesh() to set the mesh to display.

Definition at line 27 of file IMeshSceneNode.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual IShadowVolumeSceneNode* irr::scene::IMeshSceneNode::addShadowVolumeSceneNode ( const IMesh shadowMesh = 0,
s32  id = -1,
bool  zfailmethod = true,
f32  infinity = 1000.0f 
) [pure virtual]

Creates shadow volume scene node as child of this node.

The shadow can be rendered using the ZPass or the zfail method. ZPass is a little bit faster because the shadow volume creation is easier, but with this method there occur ugly looking artifacs when the camera is inside the shadow volume. These error do not occur with the ZFail method.

shadowMesh,:Optional custom mesh for shadow volume.
id,:Id of the shadow scene node. This id can be used to identify the node later.
zfailmethod,:If set to true, the shadow will use the zfail method, if not, zpass is used.
infinity,:Value used by the shadow volume algorithm to scale the shadow volume (for zfail shadow volume we support only finite shadows, so camera zfar must be larger than shadow back cap, which is depend on infinity parameter).
Pointer to the created shadow scene node. This pointer should not be dropped. See IReferenceCounted::drop() for more information.
virtual IMesh* irr::scene::IMeshSceneNode::getMesh ( void  ) [pure virtual]

Get the currently defined mesh for display.

Pointer to mesh which is displayed by this node.
virtual bool irr::scene::IMeshSceneNode::isReadOnlyMaterials ( ) const [pure virtual]

Check if the scene node should not copy the materials of the mesh but use them in a read only style.

This flag can be set by setReadOnlyMaterials().

Whether the materials are read-only.
virtual void irr::scene::IMeshSceneNode::setMesh ( IMesh mesh) [pure virtual]

Sets a new mesh to display.

meshMesh to display.
virtual void irr::scene::IMeshSceneNode::setReadOnlyMaterials ( bool  readonly) [pure virtual]

Sets if the scene node should not copy the materials of the mesh but use them in a read only style.

In this way it is possible to change the materials of a mesh causing all mesh scene nodes referencing this mesh to change, too.

readonlyFlag if the materials shall be read-only.

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