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irr::scene::IBoneSceneNode Class Reference

Interface for bones used for skeletal animation. More...

#include <IBoneSceneNode.h>

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Interface for bones used for skeletal animation.

Used with ISkinnedMesh and IAnimatedMeshSceneNode.

Definition at line 55 of file IBoneSceneNode.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

irr::scene::IBoneSceneNode::IBoneSceneNode ( ISceneNode parent,
ISceneManager mgr,
s32  id = -1 
) [inline]

Definition at line 59 of file IBoneSceneNode.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual E_BONE_ANIMATION_MODE irr::scene::IBoneSceneNode::getAnimationMode ( ) const [pure virtual]

Gets the current animation mode of the bone.

virtual u32 irr::scene::IBoneSceneNode::getBoneIndex ( ) const [pure virtual]

Get the index of the bone.

virtual _IRR_DEPRECATED_ const c8* irr::scene::IBoneSceneNode::getBoneName ( ) const [inline, virtual]

Get the name of the bone.

Use getName instead. This method may be removed by Irrlicht 1.9

Definition at line 64 of file IBoneSceneNode.h.

References irr::scene::ISceneNode::getName().

virtual const core::aabbox3d<f32>& irr::scene::IBoneSceneNode::getBoundingBox ( ) const [pure virtual]

Get the axis aligned bounding box of this node.

Implements irr::scene::ISceneNode.

virtual E_BONE_SKINNING_SPACE irr::scene::IBoneSceneNode::getSkinningSpace ( ) const [pure virtual]

How the relative transformation of the bone is used.

virtual void irr::scene::IBoneSceneNode::OnAnimate ( u32  timeMs) [pure virtual]

Returns the relative transformation of the scene node.

The animation method.

Reimplemented from irr::scene::ISceneNode.

virtual void irr::scene::IBoneSceneNode::render ( ) [inline, virtual]

The render method.

Does nothing as bones are not visible.

Implements irr::scene::ISceneNode.

Definition at line 87 of file IBoneSceneNode.h.

virtual bool irr::scene::IBoneSceneNode::setAnimationMode ( E_BONE_ANIMATION_MODE  mode) [pure virtual]

Sets the animation mode of the bone.

True if successful. (Unused)
virtual void irr::scene::IBoneSceneNode::setSkinningSpace ( E_BONE_SKINNING_SPACE  space) [pure virtual]

How the relative transformation of the bone is used.

virtual void irr::scene::IBoneSceneNode::updateAbsolutePositionOfAllChildren ( ) [pure virtual]

Updates the absolute position based on the relative and the parents position.

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