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irr::gui::IGUITreeView Class Reference

Default tree view GUI element. More...

#include <IGUITreeView.h>

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Default tree view GUI element.

Displays a windows like tree buttons to expand/collaps the child nodes of an node and optional tree lines. Each node consits of an text, an icon text and a void pointer for user data.

Definition at line 225 of file IGUITreeView.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

irr::gui::IGUITreeView::IGUITreeView ( IGUIEnvironment environment,
IGUIElement parent,
s32  id,
core::rect< s32 rectangle 
) [inline]


Definition at line 229 of file IGUITreeView.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool irr::gui::IGUITreeView::getImageLeftOfIcon ( ) const [pure virtual]

Returns if the Image is left of the icon. Default is true.

virtual IGUIImageList* irr::gui::IGUITreeView::getImageList ( ) const [pure virtual]

Returns the image list which is used for the nodes.

virtual IGUITreeViewNode* irr::gui::IGUITreeView::getLastEventNode ( ) const [pure virtual]

Returns the node which is associated to the last event.

This pointer is only valid inside the OnEvent call!

virtual bool irr::gui::IGUITreeView::getLinesVisible ( ) const [pure virtual]

returns true if the tree lines are visible

virtual IGUITreeViewNode* irr::gui::IGUITreeView::getRoot ( ) const [pure virtual]

returns the root node (not visible) from the tree.

virtual IGUITreeViewNode* irr::gui::IGUITreeView::getSelected ( ) const [pure virtual]

returns the selected node of the tree or 0 if none is selected

virtual void irr::gui::IGUITreeView::setIconFont ( IGUIFont font) [pure virtual]

Sets the font which should be used as icon font.

This font is set to the Irrlicht engine built-in-font by default. Icons can be displayed in front of every list item. An icon is a string, displayed with the icon font. When using the build-in-font of the Irrlicht engine as icon font, the icon strings defined in GUIIcons.h can be used.

virtual void irr::gui::IGUITreeView::setImageLeftOfIcon ( bool  bLeftOf) [pure virtual]

Sets if the image is left of the icon. Default is true.

virtual void irr::gui::IGUITreeView::setImageList ( IGUIImageList imageList) [pure virtual]

Sets the image list which should be used for the image and selected image of every node.

The default is 0 (no images).

virtual void irr::gui::IGUITreeView::setLinesVisible ( bool  visible) [pure virtual]

sets if the tree lines are visible

visibletrue for visible, false for invisible

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