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This is the team behind the Irrlicht Engine. We are developing the Irrlicht Engine and managing the Irrlicht Community, the websites, the documentation, the wiki and a lot more in our free time. And we don’t get any money for this. If you would like to help out, please take a look at the FAQ entry.If you have any questions regarding the use of the engine, please post them into the forum. Niko is also running a blog, where he is posting development news of the engine from time to time too.
If you have further questions, send the team members an email. They are getting lots of mails so we would appreciate if you would post your questions into the forum first. But don’t wait to send niko links of related projects or additions and contributions. He is trying to answer mails as fast as he can. So if you didn’t get an answer within a week, it may have been identified as spam by his very agressive configurated filters. Simply resend it, and be sure to include a word like ‘Irrlicht’ or ‘engine’ into the subject.

Active team

Michael Zeilfelder – CuteAlien; Developer
Location: Germany/Tübingen; website
Michael has been an active member of the community since 2006 and joined the core team three years later. As an independent 3D developer he does use Irrlicht fulltime for his work (games, VR, architecture software). Originally responsible for the irr::gui system he helps now out in most engine parts.
Patryk Nadrowski – Nadro; Developer
Location: Poland;
Patryk is our OSX maintainer and beside that he will update the engine with foundations taken in the DX10/11 and OGL3/4 APIs. He studies computer science and psychology. Patryk is interested in the game development industry, especially graphics programming. He is a big fan of open solutions like a Linux, OpenGL, OpenCL etc. In his spare time he likes football, rock’n’roll and war history.
Yoran – Sysop and Developer;
Yoran has been working with the Irrlicht engine since 2005 and still helps out regularly to keep the Irrlicht website going.
Dario Oliveri – REDDemon;Developer
Location: Genova
He loves mountain trekking to clean his mind from coding sessions. He uses Irrlicht since 2010, now he’s an independent game developer working on contract jobs to finance his personal projects, and in freetime also now an Irrlicht contributor ^^. He generally helps out when the math starts getting tricky.
Thomas Alten Thomas Alten – Ing. Apfelbaum; Developer
Location: Austria/Vienna
Ing. Apfelbaum joined the Irrlicht Engine team by creating the apfelbaum software rasterizer (now called “burning” inside Irrlicht). As professional game development veteran, he is specialized in programming every crazy piece of hardware and squeezing the last little bit of performance out of it. No longer working much on Irrlicht, but if you have any bugreports or questions about the burnings renderer he still is the first person to help out.

Founder (not actively involved anymore)

Nikolaus Gebhardt Nikolaus Gebhardt – niko; Project Founder
Location: Austria/Vienna; blog;
Niko founded the Irrlicht Engine project in 2002 and for 4 years and 18 releases, he designed and developed it on his own. By now he has passed the baton and the Irrlicht software development is now done team based.
Niko has worked as programmer for several game development companies in the past. Nowadays he works on software tools at Ambiera. For example another 3D engine called CopperCube which is little bit like Irrlicht for JavaScript.

Hibernating team members (back soon?)

Christian Stehno – Hybrid; Contribution Coordinator/Developer
Location: Germany/Oldenburg
Hybrid takes care of submitted bug fixes and feature enhancements from the community either on his patch page, on the SF Trackers, or by integrating stable code into Irrlicht’s development version. He also contributed to the Linux part of Irrlicht and some new mesh file loaders.
Gareth Davidson – Bitplane; Developer/ Forum admin
Location: England/Southport blog
Gaz joined the Irrlicht team in Jun 2006 but has been well known in the community for contributing lots of enhancements (realtime 3d clouds, grass scene node etc) and bugfixes to Irrlicht for quite some time before this date already. Its great that he joined us to actively improve Irrlicht further.
Alvaro F. Celis Alvaro F. Celis – Afecelis; Community Manager/ 3D Artist
Location: Colombia/Bucaramanga; blogdepot;
Afecelis takes care of the Forum, making sure that he is the only spammer in there. 🙂 He is known for his useful (video) tutorials and is also the one coming always up with new fantastic realtime 3D scenes set up especially for Irrlicht and is using the engine for architectural visualization, as a tool to show a project to potential customers. Without him, the Irrlicht Engine Community would surely look different.
Luke Hoschke – Developer
Location: Australia; website
Known from his B3D loader and several other Irrlicht contributions, Luke joined the team to help to improve the skeletal animation system of Irrlicht. Altought he seems to prefer to stay anonymous (see his picture) he now is a regular Irrlicht developer. 😉
Colin MacDonald Colin MacDonald – Rogerborg; Developer, Windows etc
Location: Scotland
After having contributed a lot of code to the Irrlicht project, rogerborg made himself quite known in the Irrlicht community, and we asked him to join us. He accepted and we are quite happy that this excellent Software engineer now helps us improving Irrlicht.
Ahmed Hilali – BlindSide; Developer
Location: New Zealand;
Ahmed has made a tremendous job on creating extensions for Irrlicht. After several years of using Irrlicht he decided that the lack of shader experts in the dev team has to be remedied. His working area will hence be strongly related to all things around shaders and graphics effects. So let’s go next-gen with BlindSide.
Dean Wadsworth Dean Wadsworth – Varmint; Developer, Mac OS port Maintainer
Location: Canada/British Columbia
Dean joined the team after we announced that we needed a mac os maintainer because the project has grown so big that no one of us had the time to do this additionally. Dean then created a Irrlicht 1.4 mac os package in record time and sent us the link. Short story: We were impressed and asked him to join our team and we are glad he did 😉
Jam – Forum Moderator
Jam takes care of moderating the forums and keeps them clean from those evil spammers.
John Goewert John Goewert – saigumi; System and Forum Admin
Location: USA/Saint Louis
With his huge technical knowledge, Saigumi did lots of contributions to Irrlicht. He writes tutorials, is helping with the administration of the forum and is also the maintainer of the Irrlicht Wiki.


Because the engine is based on some other very useful libraries, and a lot of people have been supporting the engine in different ways, I want to say thank you to you all. Here is a (unfortunately outdated) list of these people. Thank you very much for supporting the engine! There should be more people on here as maintainance of this list got dropped at some point *sigh*. If you have contributed to Irrlicht in the past and want to be acknowledged just mail or pm us in the forum.
Jean-loup Gailly, Mark Adler Created the zlib, used by the Irrlicht Engine to be able to read from .zip files.
The Independent JPEG Group Created the popular free implementation for reading and writing JPEG image files, which is used in the Engine.
Guy Eric Schalnat, Andreas Dilger, Glenn Randers-Pehrson and others Created libPng, the official PNG reference library used by Irrlicht to load .png files.
Mark Jeacocke Wrote lots of helpful comments and ideas in the forums and per email.
Julio Gorgé Created the ‘Unofficial DirectX 9.0 Driver for the Irrlicht Engine’ 0.2 and 0.3, which is a big external code contribution to the engine.
Andy Spurgeon Wrote the Dev-Cpp tutorial.
André Simon Wrote the Codewarrior tutorial.
KnightToFlight Created the unoffical terrain renderer addon for the Irrlicht Engine.
Jon Pry Wrote the code to load compressed TGA files.
Saigumi Wrote some tutorials for the Irrlicht Engine and more important: He is hosting, which is providing free webspace for projects using the Irrlicht Engine.
Matthew Couch Wrote the tokamak integration tutorial.
Max Winkel Wrote the splitscreen tutorial.
Gorgon Zola Wrote the ODE integration tutorial.
Dean P. Macri Sent in code for curved surfaces and PCX Loading.
Sirshane Made several bug fixes, add-ons, and the SDL driver.
Matthias Gall Sent in code for a spline scene node animator and reported lots of bugs.
Mario Gruber Suggested triangle fan drawing and sent in code for this.
Philipp Dortmann Sent in code for stencil buffer support for OpenGL.
Jerome Nichols Created the Irrlicht/Ruby interface located at
Vash TheStampede Sent code for missing Draw2DLine() implementations
MattyBoy XBOX support suggestions
Oliver Klems createImageFromData() method suggestion/implementation
Jox really, really a lot of bug fixes, and the LMTS file loader
Zola Quaternion method additions
Tomasz Nowakowski various bug fixes
Nicholas Bray stencil shadow bug fixes with OpenGL
REAPER mousewheel events for scrollbar
Calimero various bug fixes like vector2d operators
G.o.D XML parser fix
Erik Zilli Translated some of the tutorials from my stuttering english into real english. 🙂
Martin Piskernig Linux bugfixing and testing
Soconne Wrote the original terrain renderer which Irrlichts terrain renderer of Irrlicht is based on it.
Spintz GeoMipMap scene node, terrain renderer of Irrlicht is based on it.
Murphy McCauley OCT file loader, MIM tools
Saurav Mohapatra IrrCSM, and lots of addons, suggestions and bug reports
Zhuck Dimitry My3D Tools
Terry Welsh Allowed me to use the textures of his ‘Parallax Mapping with Offset Limiting’ paper for the parallax demo of Irrlicht
rt Wrote the original .png loader for Irrlicht
Salvatore Russo Wrote the original .dmf loader for Irrlicht
Vox Various bug reports and fixes
atomice Contributed code for a ms3d loader enhancement
William Finlayson OpenGL RTT, GLSL support and the reflection 2 layer material for OpenGL.
Delight Various code contributions for Irrlicht.NET (particle system, basic shader support and more)
Michael Zoech Improved GLSL support
Etienne Petitjean First MacOS port
Travis Vitek Contributed screenshot functionality and uncountable bug fixes.
Skreamz Pak file support
Anders la Cour-Harbo Sky dome
Alfaz93 Sphere scene node code base Developer and maintainer of the OpenGL-ES 2.x driver. Namely Vincent Lebret Soler, Serge Le Fouler, Charly-Charles Laventure, and Thibault Jochem.