ARMADA - Completed. 30th September.

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ARMADA - Completed. 30th September.

Postby BMF » Fri Aug 10, 2007 12:36 am

Divus Armada


Download link: ~17.5 MB


Divus Armada



A shoot'em up.


1. General Information
2. Keyboard Functions
3. Tips
4. Score
5. 'Divus', the energy satellite
6. Health powerups
7. HUD
8. Credits


1. General Information:

. This game was made for the competition Round k2.
It is coded in C++ using the Dev-C++ IDE. It uses Irrlicht for rendering and irrKlang as sound library.

. This game is free. You can play it all you want and copy it for other people
without paying anything. However, you can't modify it, sell it, or use
resources from it without express permission.

. You can use the following address to contact me regarding the game:
I would like to hear any comments you might have about the game. Feel free to send me an
e-mail if you have something you'd like to say.

. This version of the game was rushed to meet the deadline of the competiton Round K2.
It is not finished work.
You will be able to find the most recent version of this game and details about it here:


2. Keyboard Functions:

. Use the arrow keys to move.

. Press <X> to select (menu) or to shoot (while playing).

. Press <C> to pause/unpause the game.

. Press <Esc> to destroy your own ship.


3. Tips:

. Study enemies' behaviour.

. Memorize levels.

. Dodging is as important as shooting. Particularly when Divus is on green mode. (See below)

. Shoot non-stop.

. You do not have to kill every single enemy in the game in order to beat it. You will need to in order to
achieve a high score, though. (See below)

. Get the heath powerups (red), they are most often worth the effort. (See below)


4. Score:

One of the main objectives of the game is to achieve a high score, which will be submitted to an online database
after playing.
This online list can be checked either choosing the 'Statistics' option on the menu, or at the following website:

These are the ways you get score:

. Surviving. About 60 points per second. Twice that if your option orb is in green mode (see below).
. Destroying an enemy ship. 1000 points.
. Getting a small shield powerup. 2000 points. (See below)
. Getting a big shield powerup. 5000 points. (See below)
. Hitting a boss. 100 points.


5. 'Divus', the energy satellite:

Your ship is not like everyone else's.
After years of research, you have managed to build a so called 'energy satellite'. You like calling it 'Divus'.
Divus is a small artifact, which rotates around your ship.
It is non-material, all energy, and its main function is making your ship's firepower go beyond that of any other ship of its kind.

Divus gets stronger when large amounts of energy are suddenly created near it. Ships exploding provide a decent amount
of energy, mind you.

Divus consumes part of its energy when shooting, since it gives your bullets this extra energy blast.

Divus has two modes:

. Purple mode. This is Divus' normal mode. Your firepower will be bigger than that of any other ship of your kind.

. Green mode. When Divus' energy is saturated, it goes into green mode. On this mode, your firepower is even higher,
but it's temporary and instable. Being hit when on this mode makes the system restart and go back to purple mode.
Use at your own risk.

It is because of Divus that you will feel superior to other ships when on the battlefield.
It is because of you that Divus exists.
Good job.


6. Shield powerups:

During the battle, your ship's shield system gets damaged, as that of any other ship.
However, you can increase your shield level by picking shield powerups.

Shield powerups are easily recognizable. They are red and look like rapidly moving small particles.

There are two kinds of shield powerups:

. The small ones will recover 40% of your shield level. There appear sometimes, after destroying a ship.

. The big ones will recover 100% of your shield level. They are not that common as the small ones.


7. HUD:

On the top-left zone of the screen you will be able to see an image representing Divus' current mode.
If on green mode, you will see a bar that indicates how much time is left until it will go back to purple mode.

Next to it you can see a red bar representing your current shield level. It is your main objective to not let that
go down to zero.

There is also a purple bar indicating Divus' current energy. If it gets to 100%, Divus will be saturated, and will
turn into green mode to use that extra energy that could make it unstable.

The top-right zone is used for bosses shield bars. Make those go down.


8. Credits:

-Development team.

. Programming by Borja Moreno Fernández "BMF".
. 2D art by Tor-Erik Lindstrøm "Razor".
. 3D art by Christian Clavet.
. Music by Theo Keeler "Flashback".
. Design by Borja Moreno Fernández "BMF" and Tor-Erik Lindstøm "Razor".

-Special thanks.

. All the people at the forums, for their always wise advice.
. All the people at the Irrlicht forums, for their tips and coding help. Thanks in particular to Travis Vitek.
. All the people who tried the game during the development stage, for their feedback and motivation.
. Juan Antonio Cano Salado "Jacano", for his help concerning the online highscore system.
. "Xemrel", for his hosting and general help.
. "Serrellious", for founding the community which helped me find great people, and increase my skills.
. To you, for downloading and playing the game.


End of file. Enjoy.

BMF 2007.
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Postby Wyszo » Fri Aug 10, 2007 9:00 am

I hope, that player ship can move not only left-right, but also up-down :)

Btw. Funny, I have been making a similar game (I took a short break from much, much bigger project :)) for 2 days by now. And my ships move with the inertia - in uniformly accelerated motion :)

Anyway, good luck with the game :)

Oh, and one less positive thing - I hate your models... But I like your logo and particle effects ;P
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Postby Virion » Fri Aug 10, 2007 11:44 am

Nice work, and good luck. =)
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Postby BMF » Fri Aug 10, 2007 7:51 pm

The player ship can move both on the x and z axis. Unfortunately, not in the y axis, since we want to enter a competition that restricts games to be 2D in gameplay. Enemies will be able to, though. =P

About hating our models (actually, model, sine there's only one ship left), keep in mind that it's the second model my modeler (and 2D artist, and designer, and friend) has made, and it still needs to be updated a lot and, maybe more importantly, properly textured!

Thank's for your comments!

Thanks! =)

//EDIT - Old original post


Hello people.

I think it's time for a playable version! I want to get some feedback already.

Download link

Lets see who gets highest on that highscores list. Yes? Ha!


In game:

-Arrow keys for movement.
-Space for shooting.
-Z for calling allies (only if your yellow bar is full or it has turned green).
-Esc to finish.


-Arrow keys to move around options.
-Space to select, go back, mostly everything.



Video! It's me playing the game.

Captured using Fraps. Compressed using Bink and Smacker.

It's 320x240, even though the game is 640x480. I didn't want you to need to download a huge file.

In case you want a 640x480 video, here it is! It's a different one. About 8MB.


There you go, get the feeling!


Original post:

So, being at Razor's house, playing around with the Irrlicht engine, we decided to make a space shooter. Seeing how a few guys we know were entering this competition, we thought we may as well do so!

And, after 3 days of work, we are proud to announce... a couple of screenshots!

ARMADA is a 3D game with 2D gameplay, in which you take control of a ship in the middle of an interplanetary war. We'll be giving more details about the story later, or maybe not.

So, here you have a screenshot of our current ship model, made by Razor.

And here you have a couple of in-game screenshots. Yay for particle effects.

Hope to keep working on this as much as we have until now!
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Postby vermeer » Fri Aug 10, 2007 9:25 pm

and he's using wings3d, so, can only be in the good route ;)
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Postby deesine » Sat Aug 11, 2007 11:41 am

Looking good, even though the obvious use of effects for the logo, that shines through, is not something that suits my tastes.

Is that second ship an option?
Oh, and what's the comp? Shmup-dev?
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Postby BMF » Sat Aug 11, 2007 6:03 pm

@vermeer: Well actually, it's Google Sketchup Pro. =P

@deesine:Yes, Shmup-dev it is. About options (compo's theme), I should be able to post some more about the design soon, when I get some proper internet access at my current location.
That ship is not an option, just needs to be rotated 180 degrees on the Y axis and there, you have an enemy ship. ^^
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Postby BlindSide » Sun Aug 12, 2007 8:24 am

Nice competition, I think I'll enter too.
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Postby irruser » Sun Aug 12, 2007 4:17 pm

looking good! and good luck! :D
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Postby vermeer » Sun Aug 12, 2007 8:56 pm

@vermeer: Well actually, it's Google Sketchup Pro. =P

I guess the small area looked similar to me...ok...

Pro? did u buy a tool for making levels??

Is curiouse to me, as is more for levels than modelling objects or characters...
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Postby BMF » Mon Aug 13, 2007 8:37 am

@vermeer: We are currently using it for everything, not only levels. I guess it's not the best tool, but it's the one my modeler prefered and got. I won't complain as long as I keep getting better and better models, will I? :P

Now, here you get some more information that could, however, not be definitive:

The basic idea is:

An interplanetary war is taking place. As a member of the army of one of the factions involved, you are into the war field.

So this won't be the classic me VS all shmup game. As it's war, you should feel like if it really was war. Even though the gameplay is 2D, and you can only take care of a limited area on screen, there will be fight going on everywhere else. AI controlled enemies flying below, above and to your sides, shooting AI controlled enemies, for an intense action feeling.

Options fit perfectly into this environment. We are thinking, for example, on a 'charisma' meter. The more enemies you defeat, the more your allies will be willing to help you, meaning that once your bar is full, you could call allies to come and help you with your area. This idea gets deeper considering how your bar can be filled several times (without being used), and each time you'll be able to call for stronger allies.

What we are currently working on:
Adding 3D sound using IrrKlang, more enemies and weapons, AI controlled fights surronding you, and creating/improving ships models and textures.

That's all for now. We'll keep you updated!
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Postby vermeer » Mon Aug 13, 2007 1:12 pm

@vermeer: We are currently using it for everything, not only levels. I guess it's not the best tool, but it's the one my modeler prefered and got. I won't complain as long as I keep getting better and better models, will I? Razz

Ok, but that smiley should be even, stop using it and may i forgive you for not using Wings3d...

sketchup is dumb easy, I see the point....

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Postby Midnight » Mon Aug 13, 2007 3:02 pm

the pictures don't impress me.. lets have a demo already.

the ship looks like a micro machine or a paper airplane. :?
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Postby Cardinal4 » Tue Aug 14, 2007 6:44 am

Well at least there's pictures of the game actually in progress, and not just a snapshot of an empty level of a 'game'. :wink:
Are there other type of bullets, or just the default single line type? Looks fun.
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Postby BMF » Tue Aug 14, 2007 8:36 am

Hello people, here you get a new screenshot.


We haven't modified the models and textures for ships yet, but we are progressing at good pace. After all, today, it's been a week of development!

In case you wonder why, in the screenshots, there's always some ship that looks weird, I'll tell you that, when hit a few times (to death), ships go wild before they explode. It's quite a cool effect, when seen in-game. =P

Currently, there's only one type of bullets, but that is definitely going to change. There will be powerups too, one (or more) of them concerning fire power (with different bullets?).

There are now (as you can probably see in the screenshot) enemies all around the 'world' (not only in the range you can move), these are part of the war-feeling we want to give to the game. There will as well be allies there, and shots and explosions outside your move-zone should be a plus for immersion into the game.

I started working on the menu too.

There are currently 3 different kind of enemies (all with the same model and texture, I'm talking about behaviour here).

A few effects have been added too, such as 3D sound in explosions, and camera shaking when being hit.

Enemies aren't created randomly anymore, but in 'formations'. There will be dozens of those. Levels basically just be a succession of 'formations' (each having from 4 to 10 enemies more or less) plus maybe a boss at the end.

I'll keep you updated!
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