CD3D11MaterialRenderer.cpp material/lastmaterial usage bug?

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CD3D11MaterialRenderer.cpp material/lastmaterial usage bug?

Postby luthyr » Fri Jun 10, 2016 8:18 pm

In the shader pipeline trunk, it seems like material was erroneously used twice? The second one should be lastMaterial?

cpp Code: Select all
void CD3D11MaterialRenderer::OnSetMaterial(const video::SMaterial& material, const video::SMaterial& lastMaterial,
                                                bool resetAllRenderstates, video::IMaterialRendererServices* services)
    if (material.MaterialType != lastMaterial.MaterialType || resetAllRenderstates)
        if (BaseRenderer)
            BaseRenderer->OnSetMaterial(material, material, resetAllRenderstates, services);

cpp Code: Select all
BaseRenderer->OnSetMaterial(material, lastMaterial, resetAllRenderstates, services);
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