DirectX Model Exporter for Maya

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DirectX Model Exporter for Maya

Postby dodgeesoftware » Tue Jan 16, 2018 8:14 am

Hey guys,

I released binaries for an exporter I wrote for the Microsoft DirectX Format. The binaries are for windows versions of Maya 2011, Maya 2015, Maya 2016, Maya 2017 and Maya 2018.

Here is a short video on my channel demonstrating it in action.

Binaries for Windows are available on my github

NOTES: This is a prototype exporter so there are a few issues but it works just fine paired with Irrlicht. The Irrlicht *.x importer is pretty broken so I customised the protoype to work with Irrlicht. This means it sometimes doesn't agree with the DirectX Viewer. The Export Options still don't do anything and should probably be removed because you can't selectively export pieces of a *.x file and still have it operational. Work continues on alternate exporters and when I am happy enough with the source code I'll release it. If someone or a group of people would like to jump on-board to help out or finish the exporter for me that would be appreciated. Just shoot me an email at if you're interested.

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Re: DirectX Model Exporter for Maya

Postby CuteAlien » Tue Jan 16, 2018 1:23 pm

I had a few reports about x-importer on my TODO once. Unfortunately when I found time looking at them it was all about old threads (before my time) and the links for the test-models were broken. Meaning I had no models to reproduce the problems. So if you have any test-models for X which show bugs you are always very welcome to send them to me. Currently working on other stuff, but some day I'll get to it again.
Best test-models are very minimal - preferably just showing the bug and not having any other geometry.
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