IrrAgg - Vector graphics utilities

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IrrAgg - Vector graphics utilities

Postby chronologicaldot » Sun Dec 24, 2017 5:10 am

Past few days, I put together some simple utilities for using Anti-Grain Geometry with Irrlicht. It's not much. Even the docs seem overkill given how simple the project is, but why not?
Without further ado, here's the code base:

I had originally created the docs with mkdocs, so I wasn't anticipating the lack of menus in Github. Bummer. But if you have mkdocs, you can run "mkdocs serve" in the main project file and it should all build for you. The cinder theme is "required" but mkdocs should build without it. If not, just remove the "theme: cinder" line from the mkdocs.yml file.
EDIT: Scratch that. I figured out how to get it on Github correctly, so you can view it via the Docs link I gave above.

As convenient as mkdocs was, it turned out to be rather featureless with regards to making nice looking documentation. Hard to beat doxygen I guess.
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