Irrlicht port for Sailfish/Wayland (landscape orientation)

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Irrlicht port for Sailfish/Wayland (landscape orientation)

Postby savegame » Wed Sep 27, 2017 12:31 pm

Hi everyone!
I am working on porting Irrlicht 1.9 GLES version to Sailfish OS devices (which use Wayland protocol for window management). Porting is nearly done, now i just want rewrite code to more clear. Here
cpp Code: Select all

you can download alpha version of ported engine, you can download Sailfish SDK and compile it.
Porting is not done, in irrlicht need more touch events handling in GUI. If you have some games, which uses Irrlicht engine and compatible with GLESv2 please port you games, and public it in Jolla store, or on OpenRepos. Sailfish OS really need more cool stuff, like 3D games :wink:
And i have a question for experienced people =) How i can rotate Irrlicht's render to another orientation (without rendering to buffer and paint texture on screen). Maybe some projection, or view matrix for camera, or something like that?
Some screenshot i put in
Here screenshot of from my phone, which worked on Sailfish OS 8)

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Re: Irrlicht port for Sailfish/Wayland (landscape orientatio

Postby CuteAlien » Thu Sep 28, 2017 12:34 am

edit: Sorry, message got first messed up - our forum server is really bad last days and posting becomes tricky :-(

I only found out about rotation problems 2-3 weeks ago while hunting another bug. Don't know if it's a general ES 2 problem or something device specific. I know on Android there is an event send when the rotation happens, but don't know yet how we have to handle it. Have to invest some time there. Also... once I noticed that problem I also started wondering about surface handling in general. As right now users can set some small resolution - and then Irrlicht draws for example in a small corner of the Window instead of using the real surface solution it has. Which looks wrong to me (as device-size should be real size and it messed for example the GUI and cursor-handling up). But as I didn't write the code it's one of those cases where I have to figure out if there might have been some reason why it got implemented like this.
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Re: Irrlicht port for Sailfish/Wayland (landscape orientatio

Postby savegame » Thu Dec 14, 2017 12:11 pm

I can receive event when device rotate, its not a problem, a cant rotate render as it need. I can set Up vector of camera, but it not what i am whant/ Only one way now i see, render all to texture buffer, then draw texture on screen with shader transformation... in that way, I'll be able to change the resolution of the render and draw it stretched to full screen, if it need
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