Semi Project : Assassins

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Semi Project : Assassins

Postby Robomaniac » Sun Feb 08, 2004 2:41 am

This is my new semi-project i will be working on in conjunction to Centaur Force (now on Ogre). It will basically be a project so i can actually make something useful while i convert, and learn Ogre. It will be based on a special forces soldier who is trained by the government to assassinate the leaders of the opposing side of the war. (see the info page for centaur force, tying in my two games). It will be kind of like splinter cell, but will be based more on only killing your target, and noone else. You will be able to kill the other people, but it will detract from your score. (except in one mission :-P (no details yet but its going to be cool)) Another thing is that there is a war going on at the same time as you are working. Thus, there will be missions where you need to infiltrate a base and kill a leader while a heated battle is occuring nearby. Thus, crossfire, explosions, artillery, and stray troops will come into play.

I'll gladly accept anyone who wants to work on any part as my main focus will be Centaur Force.
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