Motivation for the Irrlicht dev crew!

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Motivation for the Irrlicht dev crew!

Postby chronologicaldot » Thu May 18, 2017 12:55 am

Not too long ago, there was a report that discussed the suffering of the technological infrastructure. While the focus may have been on the US, it applies globally. It's a good read. Some of you already know this stuff just from experience, so perhaps it'll be a reminder. The takeaway is that we're not giving enough support on our end. That support is both economic and motivational. Where's it coming from if no one wants to step up to pay the price?

In light of one of the more recent rants, I was reminded of the aforementioned report, and I think it's necessary for the welfare & peace of mind of the people behind this enterprise (if it be so called that) (esp. considering the crushing effect it can have on the devs) and the future of Irrlicht in general that we have a dedicated thread to celebrating and promoting Irrlicht.
Say anything positive and/or motivational. No cynicism, no sarcasm, and no disguised negative remarks. You can do that in other threads anyways. (Besides, if you say something negative here, you're only helping kill support for the engine, so it's your loss.) I know we all want a better engine, but let's be thankful for the one we have and actually say something to that effect. You may use this thread for saying things like what you like about Irrlicht, for saying "thank you" to the devs, and for offering motivation for contributing.

I'll start...

I greatly appreciate the devs of Irrlicht because:
- They are selflessly sharing their time, effort, and improvements with the rest of the community rather than hording it for themselves.
- They consider the full community rather than push for their own needs.
- They openly receive feedback and explain their decisions.
- They take the time to answer questions about the engine and aid where they can.
- And to top all that: They willingly take on all these responsibilities for free for the benefit of us all.

I love the Irrlicht Engine because:
- It's simple and easy to get something on the screen, esp 3D.
- It's interface is intuitive and doesn't require complicated piping just to do simple tasks.
- It's complete, having a scene manager/loader, image loaders and writers, mesh loaders and writers, a GUI system, file-system handling, and 3D shaders.
- It's cross-platform.
- It's mostly bug-free.

So thank you very much, guys!
And thank you to all those who have contributed over the years!
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