Min() - Easy OpenGL 3.2+ Game Engine Project

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Min() - Easy OpenGL 3.2+ Game Engine Project

Postby Alpha Omega » Wed Mar 18, 2015 11:23 am

Hey guys. This is a shoot out to all the Irrlicht noobs in the world.

I was inspired by Irrlicht for a very long time, about seven years ago I wrote my first Hello World C++ program using Irrlicht. Irrlicht was fun to play with and try to learn graphics programming. However, I felt like in some ways I was too much of a noob to understand how it all worked.

This motivated me to writing a game engine from scratch, using OpenGL 3.2+- 4.x Programmable Pipeline and using Newton Game Dynamics for the physics engine. I wrote a simple C++ API because I felt that the Irrlicht API was too confusing for beginners. I later began thinking about if it was possible to make a minimalist game engine, hints the name. The new aim of the project is to make a fully functional game engine with the simplest, smallest code foot print.

In a way, this project rejects everything that the game industry demands by imposing limitations on a fundamental level.

Features of the Engine

    The engine loads OBJ (static) and MD5 (animated) objects and gives you full access to writing GLSL shaders, in fact you have to write a shader for everything.
    The engine is integrated with Newton Game Dynamics, there is a PhysicsObject class for rigid body support
    The engine can load .BMP and .DDS images for UV texturing
    Text Overlay support
    Keybinding support
    Dynamic Frustum Culling using Octrees
    All rotations use Quaternions
    !No sound or click detection yet implemented :(!

The project is less than 50,000 lines of code and it contains the fundamentals you need to fully understand what is going on in any game engine. The engine is licensed under the GPL3. It currently only builds on Windows because I haven't abstracted the OS calls out of the code, although it isn't too hard to do for Linux. Visual Studio Files are in Visual Studio 2013 and should build for XP.

Current code is an Alpha release and the API is going to change, I need to make it even simpler. I want to wrap the API in python, what do you guys think?

If you are the curious type and like to learn check out the project on github. https://github.com/Aaron-SP/minGE
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Re: Min() - Easy OpenGL 3.2+ Game Engine Project

Postby REDDemon » Sun Jun 21, 2015 12:45 pm

effective, I like it
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Re: Min() - Easy OpenGL 3.2+ Game Engine Project

Postby Sudi » Mon Jun 22, 2015 3:35 pm

I looked at the roaddemo example. Not sure how that is not confusing to a beginner.
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