Screenshot of the Month, August 2016 [No Winner]

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Screenshot of the Month, August 2016 [No Winner]

Postby Cube_ » Wed Aug 17, 2016 4:17 am

Please submit here for the best screenshot for August 2016! You can submit until the 31st of August. Voting should start soon after that date.

- Only irrlicht renders allowed*,
- Give images a good title and make clear what the title is,
- Make sure the image is available until the end of the competition,
- One image per project allowed,
- Add some information about the project/scene,
- Modified Irrlicht versions are allowed (clarification from last month)

- Please show a good quality image with a decent image size.

- A special user rank: Competition winner

*This includes modified irrlicht builds as previously discussed, still to be discussed: how extensive the modification can be before it stops counting as modified and rather as a separate project.
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