Screenshot of the Month, April 2017 [Submissions Open!]

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Screenshot of the Month, April 2017 [Submissions Open!]

Postby Cube_ » Mon Apr 03, 2017 1:01 pm

Welcome to screenshot of the month!
Please submit your screenshots for April 2017!
You can submit until the 30th. Voting will begin shortly thereafter.

    -Only irrlicht renders allowed,
    -Give the image a good title and make clear what the title is,
    -Make sure the image is available until the end of the competition,
    -One (1) image per project
    -Add some information about the project/scene,
    -Modified Irrlicht versions are allowed

    -Please show a good quality image of decent size (800x600px or higher recommended)

    -A special user rank: Competition winner
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Re: Screenshot of the Month, April 2017 [Submissions Open!]

Postby kornwaretm » Wed Apr 12, 2017 11:51 am

volumetric fighting
a fighting game project, the idea was to make a historically accurate greatsword duel, using decorated armor full of carving and cool stuff. after making 2 or 3 characters, the game proven to be boring in visual (my modeling skill not good enough). because of the uniformly shiny reflective armor all over the place. so i went to the fantasy direction. glowing magma as sword, wooden plate armor, bones, rocks, armor lines with neon glow thingy, chain saw swords etc. move set will also changed from historically accurate to a more childish twirling spinning fight. the game asset will be replaced to a better one.

running on irrlicht 1.9 with a custom made deferred rendering and shadow mapping. all object on screen are rendered using view aligned slices, slices are generated inside threads (planing using openCL, too much to learn so little time). Supporting specularity, reflectivity, emissivity attribute. objects are baked out from blender using a custom exporter that automatically generate and save color texture, bake displacement, specularity, reflectivity map, merge into one RGBA texture, each attribute for each channel. skeletal animation also exported using a custom made blender exporter to export mesh and prepare it to "behave" like a volumetric mesh later in the program. tinyjs an old lib for translating javascript like codes are customized to control scene nodes, gui element etc, and other game logic, this make the end product highly customizable.

game features, 2 player versus, player versus cpu, and a campaign mode to fight against all available characters, finally equipment and character editor, an RPG like customization, player able to edit, create, mix all available components to add a custom playable character. alpha demo on june
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Re: Screenshot of the Month, April 2017 [Submissions Open!]

Postby Vectrotek » Sun Apr 23, 2017 3:09 pm

Now that looks really cool!
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