Lrrlicht.dll error message

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Lrrlicht.dll error message

Postby tryingtoprogram » Sat Feb 18, 2012 1:25 am

I keep getting an error message saying:
"The procedure entry point createDevice could not be located in the dynamic link library lrrlicht.dll"

I already have lrrlicht.dll in my system32 folder.
I am using devc++.
When I was in the bin folder, I found two lrrlicht.dll, one in the folder devcpp and the other in the folder visualstudio.
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Re: Lrrlicht.dll error message

Postby serengeor » Sat Feb 18, 2012 11:56 am

February 21th 2005 : Dev-C++ 5 Beta 9.2 ( released !

That's the latest version of it. You should consider using something more up to date. Even if it is not some dev-c++ fault, I think many people would advice you to not to use it.
The last version of dev-c++ uses gcc 3.4.2, and today the current stable version I think is 4.6.2.

You should probably try one of these: msvc express edition, code::blocks, netbeans, eclipse
I probably missed at least a few others but this should probably more than enough.

Also you shouldn't put irrlichts (or any other) dlls in system folder. You should rather copy over it to the executables directory.
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