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This category contains all Irrlicht Engine releases since 1.5. You can subscribe to the RSS or Atom feed on this page in your favourite feed reader to be notified of new releases.

Irrlicht 1.8.1 makefile version number fix

The zip-file for Irrlicht 1.8.1 got uploaded once more. As our watchful forum member ent1ty noticed the version number in the Makefile had still been set to 1.8.0. Which resulted in wrong library names on Linux for the shared library. No other changes since last upload. Thanks for the report and sorry for the inconvenience [...]

Irrlicht 1.8.1 released

Irrlicht version 1.8.1 is out. This is a bugfix release. It improves stability and speed and doesn’t change interfaces. For discussions about it please check this forum thread. Happy downloading!

Irrlicht 1.8 is released!

Irrlicht version 1.8 is finally here Some of the new features are: New loaders for mdl, wal, smf Cg support Support for custom hardware cursors Improved support for 64-bit platforms Major OSX device improvements Occlusion culling Improved collada support Improved shadows Polygon offset support ISceneLoader interface Supporting now MSVC 2010 and 2012 New versions of [...]

Irrlicht 1.7.3 released!

We just released Irrlicht version 1.7.3. This version contains numerous bug fixes and will hopefully be the last update before 1.8. All users which are using an 1.7 Irrlicht version should update to this version for the best experience. See changes.txt in the SDK for a complete list of changes. Happy downloading!

Irrlicht 1.7.2 released!

We just released Irrlicht version 1.7.2, fixing a few bugs of the latest major release. All users of 1.7 should update to this version. See changes.txt in the SDK for details. Happy downloading!

Irrlicht 1.7.1 released!

We just released Irrlicht version 1.7.1, fixing a few bugs of the latest major release. All users of 1.7 should update to this version, because it also fixes a severe bug in the aabbox collision test which causes reduced rendering speed. In addition, a compilation problem on Mac OS X was corrected. See changes.txt in [...]

Irrlicht 1.7 Released!

We just released Irrlicht version 1.7. New features are: Added Multiple Render Target (MRT) support Added support for geometry shaders (OpenGL) Addes possibility to access texture mipmaps and to provide custom mipmaps Ogre .mesh format animations now supported, and Ogre 32bit indices as well NPK (Nebula device archive) support added New VertexManipulator interface for simple [...]

Irrlicht 1.6.1 released!

We just released Irrlicht version 1.6.1. This version contains a lot of bugfixes and corrections, like improvements with the GUI Environment, Lightmap rendering and DMF loading, and keyboard mapping under Linux. On a related note, a new version of CopperCube has been released today as well, which now supports exporting scenes to .irr files. It [...]

Irrlicht Maintenance Release 1.5.2 now public

We just released an update to the 1.5 branch of the Irrlicht engine, version 1.5.2. It contains several updates and bugfixes, related to terrain smoothing, joystick support, OS/XCode updates and MS3D loader fixes. Happy downloading!

Irrlicht 1.6 Released!

We just released Irrlicht version 1.6. As always, this version contains a lot of bugfixes and corrections, but also some new features: New mesh and image loaders (.PLY mesh loader, .RGB, .RGBA, .SGI, .INT, and .INTA textures) New Material properties ColorMask, Mipmap LOD, Depth test function, AlphaToCoverage, selective Anti-Aliasing New console device and possibility to [...]