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Project screenshots archive

These shots show some old projects using Irrlicht. We use the gallery for screenshots nowadays, if you’d like your screenshot added to the gallery, just post it to the current “Screenshot of the month” thread in the Competition Time forum.
Bolzplatz2006 (german), SlamSoccer2006 (english) or CoupDeFoot2006 (frensh) has been developed by Xenoage Software and is a free comic-style 3D-football-game created using Irrlicht/Jirr. It has a lot of nice features and is fun to play.
CopperCube 3D Engine
CopperCube is a multifunctional 3D engine which makes it possible to create interactive 3D scenes and games as standalone windows .exe or flash .SWF file for websites. It includes a 3D editor which is based on Irrlicht. Scripting is done using either Actionscript 3 or Squirrel.
Eve – The YaMoR simulator
Eve is a simulator for a modular robot project called YaMoR which has been developed at the EPFL (Lausanne / Switzerland). The robot is wireless and made of connected modules that receive orders from a PC using Bluetooth protocol. Each module has a servo attached to a leveler, a FPGA and a Bluetooth chip. The simulator Eve allows to test various configurations and then try them on the real robot. Eve uses Irrlicht as 3D engine for the simulator and ODE for the physics. Communication is done using XML-RPC.
H-Craft Championship
H-Craft Championship is a fun to play scifi-racer by Irrgheist games. It features 28 racetracks, a unique driving physics simulation, a fresh design, and a challenging Championship mode. The Timeattack modes will allow you to exchange replays, highscores, and ghostdrivers with your friends for competition.
irrEdit – Realtime 3D editor
irrEdit is a free scene graph editor for .irr files which is also capable as being used as lightmap generator, particle system designer, meshviewer, game world editor and more. It is a visual front end for the Irrlicht engine, and thus has a lot of impressive features like importing meshes of every format Irrlicht supports, simple but powerful material system and lots of special effects.
SiO2 Irrlicht Demos
SiO2 Irrlicht Demos is set of demos showing several state of the art 3d graphics effects using the Irrlicht Engine like Dynamic Glass Refraction, Hardware Skinned Meshes, Hardware Ray Tracing, Depth Of Field, Dynamic Water Reflections, Toon Shaders and more.
Alpha Foundation
Alpha Foundation is a fantasy/sci-fi console type RPG game by x4861 using Irrlicht. These shots are taken from a very short and early demo.
Afecelis Gile[s] Testrun
Afecelis created this application to test Irrlicht’s workflow with Gile[s]. It seemed to work without a problem, the results speak for themselves.
Arena is a fantasy hack & slay multiplayer game developed by Drunken Knights Games. It uses Irrlicht via a java wrapper.
Blaze – Proving Ground
Blaze – Proving Ground (BPG) is a free multiplayer space combat simulator with lots of special effects using Irrlicht.
Bloodgiver is a Gothic style RPG with lots of NPCs and dialogs, which won the Polish Red Cross
Competition, and was developed in Poland by Herion. The game is finished and can be downloaded and played freely.
Di Jabolo
Di Jabolo – A Diablo 2 remake in 3D with subcultures instead of monsters.
Dungeon Tech
Dungeon Tech is a science fantasy first-person hack & slash by gameputty that uses Irrlicht to thrust players into the role of a fearless hero on an epic quest to rid the kingdoms dungeon network of evil.
CivilFEM Structural Designer
CivilFEM is a commercial Civil Engineering program. In the part ‘CivilFEM Structural Designer’, Irrlicht is being used ad 3D engine.
Galactic Dream
Galactic Dream is a a space-based strategy game created by Evolution Vault in which four species are fighting for their very survival. You can play in amajestic universe, entirey 3D, giving you multiple perspectives over the battlefield, rendered of course using Irrlicht.
Gekkeiju Online
Gekkeiju Online is a Free-to-play Fantasy based 3d Multi-User Dungeon that has been running since 2003. The game is full of totally unique features never seen in any Graphical Online Role-Playing Game before. It is using Irrlicht for graphics.
High on Racing
SilentFuture is working on an impressive looking game named High On Racing which is using the Mupolis Engine, which again is based on Irrlicht.
IrrWorld is going to be a small mmorpg using Irrlicht.
Inevitable Online
Inevitable Online is an online multiplayer strategy shooter. It uses Irrlicht for graphics, Audiere for Sound/Music and Newton for Physics.
KGame is an engine based on Irrlicht. It inteded to become the engine of an SF 3rd Person FPS Adventure Horror PRG game.
My Pictures 3D
MyPictures3D is a screensaver featuring photos in a picturesque environment of stunning 3D galleries rendered with Irrlicht Engine, My Pictures 3D Album is a program for creating highly customizable 3D photo albums (rendered with Irrlicht) for sharing them with family and friends.
Nuclear Sparc
Nuclear Spark is a polish 3D first person shooter with some nice features created by Morpheus.
Paco Jones
Paco Jones is a small game created by Lemon Team which uses a modified Irrlicht engine version 0.6.
Penguin, the Treasure Hunter!
Penguin, the Treasure Hunter! is a small game using Irrlicht where the main objective is finding treasure, created by x4861.
Quattro is a clone of Lumines with multiplayer and single player capabilities. It was written by Chung-tah Tsao in C#, using Irrlicht.NET and was a finalist in the Xtreme .NET challenge ’05.
Road Wars 3D
Road Wars 3D is a unconventional round based 3D racing strategy game. It does not only use Irrlicht for 3D graphics but also Irrlichts widget library for its complex 2D user interface.
Solar model
Solar model is a realtime modeling of a solar system. It renders a beautiful 3D space environment using Irrlicht.
Virtual City
Virtual City is a engine intended for real time rendering of large urban environments, based on Irrlicht.
YASS is yet another space shooter with directPlay multiplayer support using Irrlicht for 3D graphics.
3D office
3D office is a design application which allows to create your virtual office. Storage of projects is on online servers, so projects can be accessed from anywhere. It also features calculation and realtime internet collaboration allowing multiple people to view the project.
More shots from various projects using Irrlicht
These shots have been taken from the old ‘shots of the week section’ and show various games using Irrlicht. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the names of all of them.