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Developer screenshots archive

Indoor Rendering
Indoor renderering can use lightmaps and curved surfaces, in addition, there is a collision and response system built into Irrlicht.
Particle Systems
The particle system has multiple built in affectors and emitters but can be customized completely.
Terrain Rendering
The terrain renderer can render quite realistic terrains at decent frame rates.
Special Effects
Special effects using pixel/vertex shaders, fog, transparencies, bump mapping, parallax mapping, sphere mapping etc. are no problem at all.
Character Animation
It is possible to play different types of character animations (skeletal, morph target), export them from 3d modeling packages and attach shadows to them. In addition, Irrlicht can diretly read and animate .x, .ms3d and .md2 files.
Additional Features
Additional features like a built-in GUI system, 2D drawing functionality, shader debugging support, 3D picking and platform independence is great help for developers.