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irrEdit 0.4 released and more Irrlicht projects

irrEdit, has just been released in version 0.4, including a fully functional free lightmap generator. See the irrEdit website for details. Some more Irrlicht related news:

  • Added Jam on the Irrlicht team page – he is supporting us as forum moderator since some time now and fighting those nasty spammers 🙂
  • There is an extension available for Clickteam’s “Multimedia Fusion 2”, making irrlicht available in that tool. More info on this thread.
  • MyPictures3D is a screensaver featuring photos in a picturesque environment of stunning 3D galleries rendered with Irrlicht Engine
  • My Pictures 3D Album is a program for creating highly customizable 3D photo albums (rendered with Irrlicht) for sharing them with family and friends.
  • The project ‘Arena’ (using Irrlicht) now has a website.
  • Anorasi is an open source racing game using Irrlicht, created by Andrej Krutak

The page with screenshots of projects has been updated as well.