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Irrlicht Wiki and several updates

We are providing now an official Irrlicht Engine wiki. It is empty yet, please help us to fill it. It also contains readonly access to development plans and internal discussions of the Irrlicht Engine team. Background: The wiki at is down for some time now and altough some very helpful people provided alternative wikis for Irrlicht, we now decided to host it ourselves to prevent the history from repeating itself.

Other news:

  • We did several updates to this website, also providing a page with tools like irrKlang and irrEdit now.
  • Two updates to irrKlang have been released in the mean time, and we are working on a irrKlang Linux port currently and of course on the next release of Irrlicht.
  • During the last months, a lot of new projects have been created using Irrlicht. Lee Zhi Eng made a list of them, thanks a lot. Here is a short version of it:

Sorry for the long time lacking updates, the situtation will improve soon, starting with this entry.