Bunch of news – Irrlicht Engine - A free open source 3D engine

Bunch of news

Here are several irrlicht related news:

  • Pyrr is a new python wrapper for Irrlicht 1.3. Added to the langauge binding list.
  • Solar model is a realtime modeling of a solar system. It renders a beautiful 3D space environment using Irrlicht. Added screenshots to the screenshots page.
  • CivilFEM is a commercial Civil Engineering program. In the part ‘CivilFEM Structural Designer’, Irrlicht is being used ad 3D engine. Also added to screenshots page.
  • Ilham Abiyasa Suhardi created ‘Tokusatsu Agent‘ a 3D platformer game featuring super-deformed anime characters. You can download the game (including the source code).
  • irrKlang 0.8.1, the free 2D/3D audio library has been released, it is now compatible also with irrlicht 1.3