Various Irrlicht updates – Irrlicht Engine - A free open source 3D engine

Various Irrlicht updates

We are currently working heavily on the next Irrlicht Engine release. But in the meanwhile, take a look at these new or updated Irrlicht releated projects:

  • AMELIA is a project for High-Energy physics featuring the ATLAS detector at CERN, the world’s largest particle physics lab. It uses Irrlicht for 3D graphics and irrKlang as sound engine.
  • Galactic Dream: Rage of War has been released, a commercial realtime strategy space game using Irrlicht
  • Stefan Dingfelder released Jirr 1.3.1, the Irrlicht 3D engine for Java. It is now compatible with Irrlicht 1.3.1, and includes more demos such as a physics demo using JNewton, and an examples on how to load and display .irr files. It also now supports JDK1.6 and script languages (Javascript).
  • irrKlang 1.0, the audio library with Irrlicht integration has been released.
  • GameIterator published the first part of an article on how to create a computer game, it uses Irrlicht as example.
  • Amulet of tri color is a a cool looking commercial game by WiredPlane Labs team, Razinkov Ilya. It will soon be published in Russia.
  • A new version of irrEdit, the Irrlicht Editor, 1.4alpha has been released
  • Loris Bognanni created an alternative irrlicht font tool.