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PIRATES! The rescue…

An early, playable version of a new game from Jorge Rosa. Pure entertainment for family and friends at any age. Comes with retro-graphic platform style and easy 3-button controls.

– Controls have just 3 main keys: UP + DOWN + SHOOT.
– No lives, no countdown timers, no stress!
– Audios are soft, no shoot, no fire, no agressive sounds, enemies don’t die, no Zombies, no blood.
– Download is around 35Mb files size.
– No install is required (just unzip).
– You may change some settings in the included text file “settings.txt”.
– NOTE: This is an early version. The game still needs to be sharpened. Bugs may occur, etc, etc… “PIRATES! The rescue…” is in constant improvement, so please keep checking for updates!

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