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This category contains all Irrlicht Engine releases since 1.5. You can subscribe to the RSS or Atom feed on this page in your favourite feed reader to be notified of new releases.

Irrlicht 1.4 released

We just released Irrlicht 1.4. It includes all features from the beta version such as A rewritten unified skeletal animation system with some more sophisticated long awaited features such as manual joint animation. Irrlicht’s own file format: .irrmesh, for static meshes. Mesh writing support: Write collada, .stl and .irrmesh files. Irrlicht now can also read .stl […]

Irrlicht 1.4beta released

We just released the first beta version of Irrlicht 1.4. Basically, this is revision 1012 from the subversion server, with precompiled binaries, examples and documentation. Irrlicht 1.4 will have the first major (breaking) API changes as we are moving towards a better engine, so we are releasing this beta for all people to try it out […]

Irrlicht 1.3.1 released

We just released Irrlicht in version 1.3.1. This is intended to be a bug fix release, but there are also some new features: Works seemlessly with the also just released irrEdit (0.7.1). Support for Ogre 1.4 .mesh files Added an optional SDL device, to let Irrlicht run on not yet natively supported platforms like embedded devices. […]

Irrlicht 1.3 released

We just released version 1.3 of the Irrlicht Engine. The following new features can be found in the SDK: Improved font support: Anti aliasing, alpha channels, different character sets, and a new font tool Enhanced GUI system: serialization, a first version of a GUI editor, element alignment, tool tips and more BurningVideo (the 2nd Software […]

Irrlicht 1.2 released

We just released version 1.2 of the Irrlicht engine. Here is a short overview of what you’ll find in the package: Sun Solaris/SPARC support improved .3ds, OGRE .mesh, .ms3d and COLLADA loaders hardware texture coord manipulation and non-power-of-two texture support possibility to run Irrlicht on Linux servers without X11 additional new UI skin speed optimizations […]

Irrlicht 1.1 released

We just released Irrlicht 1.1, together with irrEdit 0.3. Some very nice new features can be found in there, here are some highlights: Scene graph (de)serialization, the possibility to save and load whole scenes including scene nodes, materials and animators to and from .irr files. Those files can also be edited by irrEdit, the Irrlicht Editor, which […]

Irrlicht 1.0 for MacOS released

Etienne Petitjean just finished Irrlicht 1.0 for MacOS, and this time there are again some new features in it: Includes universal Binaries (runs on MacIntel and MacPPC machines) The keyboard handling code has been completely rewritten Added support for native copy, cut, paste for the 2D GUI Happy downloading. Thanks to Etienne for all the work.

Irrlicht 1.0 released

I just released Irrlicht version 1.0. It includes some few new features and bugfixes since the last release and has been carefully tested. Some of the new features are: Enhanced software rasterizer: 32 bit rendering, dynamic lights, more materials (Thx to Thomas Alten!). Support for the Code::Blocks IDE Microsoft .dll hell awareness (no more abort and […]

Irrlicht for Mac OS X released

Etienne Petitjean invested lots of hours of his spare time and created a complete Mac port of the Irrlicht Engine. The result can now be downloaded as separete irrlicht-0.14.0-macOs SDK. It includes the full source and precompiled binaries of the engine and the examples. The port is not checked into the CVS yet, so the download […]

Irrlicht 0.14.0 released!

I released the new version of Irrlicht, version 0.14.0. That’s right the last version was 0.12.0, and I skipped one number. There are multiple reasons for this, but to keep it short: There are so much great new features and enhancements in this new version that it is nearly worth two version numbers. And after […]