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Featured projects which use Irrlicht for graphics.

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irrEdit 0.2 released, Di Jabolo using Irrlicht

I just released irrEdit 0.2, the Irrlicht Editor. Further news: Di Jabolo – A Diablo 2 remake in 3D with subcultures instead of monsters. Added screenshots to the screenshots section. There is a new, italian Irrlicht community, Irrlicht Italia. They also have some translated tutorials there. The german community has move here. I also updated the link and author page.

Again new games using Irrlicht

Added some Gekkeiju Online screenshots, it is a Free-to-play Fantasy based 3d Multi-User Dungeon that has been running since 2003. The game is full of totally unique features never seen in any Graphical Online Role-Playing Game before, and made using Irrlicht of course. Added some Arena screenshots, a fantasy hack & slay mutliplayer game created Drunken Knights […]

Team increasing & new videos and projects using Irrlicht

Hybrid and Bitplane (you should know both already if you) received SVN accounts and are now actively improving Irrlicht; they are now a part of the team, thanks for helping out! An update of the author pagewill follow soon. Also the forum staff has become a new member: Afecelis promoted Jam to admin, being an excellent […]

Subversion & irrEdit

I just moved Irrlicht to the sourceforge subversion server. You can access it via, online repository browsing works too. The Irrlicht version at that server is merged Irrlicht 1.0 and Irrlicht for MacOS 1.0, together with some new features like loading and saving of the scenegraph into .irr/.xml files, OGRE mesh loading, allocators and a […]

Games using Irrlicht

I added screenshots of two games using Irrlicht to the screenshots section: Bolzplatz2006 (german), SlamSoccer2006 (english) or CoupDeFoot2006 (frensh) has been released recently by Xenoage Software and is a free comic-style 3D-football-game created using Irrlicht/Jirr. It has a lot of nice features and is fun to play. SilentFuture is working on an impressive looking game named High On Racing […]

PhysX & Irrlicht and more

Andrew J. Santa Maria wrote a tutorial on how to integrate Ageia Physx with Irrlicht. Also available at the tutorials section now. There is also an impressive video available here. Afecelis did it again: He created a tutorial on how to create Q3 maps for Irrlicht without having Quake installed. World of Ideas is a old-school fighting game created […]

Irrlicht for Mac OS X released

Etienne Petitjean invested lots of hours of his spare time and created a complete Mac port of the Irrlicht Engine. The result can now be downloaded as separete irrlicht-0.14.0-macOs SDK. It includes the full source and precompiled binaries of the engine and the examples. The port is not checked into the CVS yet, so the download […]

irrLua 0.6 released

Josh Turpen just released IrrLua 0.6 for Irrlicht-0.14. IrrLua is an attempt to provide a nice Lua front end to the Irrlicht Engine and now supports all the examples and the demo included in the SDK. IrrLua is one of the the furthest along of all the language bindings of Irrlicht and it also now supports dynamically […]

New Irrlicht related project & development video

I’ve added a new project using Irrlicht to the screenshots section. It is named Bloodgiver and is a Gothic style RPG with lots of NPCs and (polish) dialogs, developed by Delan. The game is finished and can be downloaded and played freely. Some other news: Ing. Apfelbaum created a short video showing a WIP version of Irrlicht […]

irrXML 1.2 released

I just released irrXML 1.2, the xml parser used by Irrlicht. This release adds support for CDATA sections and some small bug fixes and improvements. Of course, irrXML 1.2 will be also part of the next Irrlicht Engine release.