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Featured projects which use Irrlicht for graphics.

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irrKlang 0.9 and irrKlang pro released

irrKlang 0.9, the free audio library and irrKlang pro has just been released. New: Support for DirectSound8, sound effects (echo, reverb, flanger etc), doppler effects, sound frequency/playback speed, sound events and more. ‘irrKlang pro’ is now also available as version for commercial licensing. See the related blog entry for details and background.

Bunch of news

Here are several irrlicht related news: Pyrr is a new python wrapper for Irrlicht 1.3. Added to the langauge binding list. Solar model is a realtime modeling of a solar system. It renders a beautiful 3D space environment using Irrlicht. Added screenshots to the screenshots page. CivilFEM is a commercial Civil Engineering program. In the part […]

More releated projects

Here is a list of new irrlicht releated projects and updates of them: I’ve added a new project to the screenshot section: 3D office created by yoran, a design application which allows to create your virtual office. Jirr 1.3 has been released by Stefan Dingfelder, supporting Irrlicht 1.3 and is based on Java 1.5. Fabian Beutel […]

irrEdit 0.7 released

We just released version 0.7 of irrEdit, the free lightmap generator and world editor for Irrlicht. It is now compatible with Irrlicht 1.3, supports terrain scene nodes and has the ability to show, edit and store custom scene nodes via plugins.

Irrlicht Wiki and several updates

We are providing now an official Irrlicht Engine wiki. It is empty yet, please help us to fill it. It also contains readonly access to development plans and internal discussions of the Irrlicht Engine team. Background: The wiki at is down for some time now and altough some very helpful people provided alternative wikis for […]

jirr 0.8 released, ARIES using Irrlicht

Two nice Irrlicht related news: jirr, a java binding for Irrlicht has been released in version 0.8 by Stefan Dingfelder, making Irrlicht 1.1 available for java programmers. ARIES, higher school of computer graphics is using Irrlicht in their one year game programming session. You can find more info in their pdf on page 13/19.

irrEdit 0.5 released, and Witch

irrEdit 0.5 has been released. It includes some new features, several bug fixes, and a few added user requested features. It is also back compatible with Irrlicht 1.1 now. Other news:, a Frensh irrlicht community is fully online now. Witch, a game using irrlicht, created by Nick Hodges is available for download.

irrKlang 0.1, Irrlicht .NET CP and more

A bunch of news: Shameless plug: irrKlang 0.1 has been released. It’s a free 3D sound engine, usable also easily with Irrlicht. Written by niko. Irrlicht .NET CP now has its own homepage. This project is Emmanuel Bossière’s bindings for C and cross platform .NET for Irrlicht. R. Kusterer wrote a tutorial on how to use Irrlicht […]

irrEdit 0.4 released and more Irrlicht projects

irrEdit, has just been released in version 0.4, including a fully functional free lightmap generator. See the irrEdit website for details. Some more Irrlicht related news: Added Jam on the Irrlicht team page – he is supporting us as forum moderator since some time now and fighting those nasty spammers 🙂 There is an extension available […]

irrEdit 0.2 released, Di Jabolo using Irrlicht

I just released irrEdit 0.2, the Irrlicht Editor. Further news: Di Jabolo – A Diablo 2 remake in 3D with subcultures instead of monsters. Added screenshots to the screenshots section. There is a new, italian Irrlicht community, Irrlicht Italia. They also have some translated tutorials there. The german community has move here. I also updated the link and author page.