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Irrlicht 1.8.1 makefile version number fix

The zip-file for Irrlicht 1.8.1 got uploaded once more. As our watchful forum member ent1ty noticed the version number in the Makefile had still been set to 1.8.0. Which resulted in wrong library names on Linux for the shared library. No other changes since last upload. Thanks for the report and sorry for the inconvenience […]

Monthly Screenshot Contest – November 2013

Here is the winner of the Screenshot of the Month contest for November: SteffL with his “Star Sonata 2” screenshot. As always, you can find the screenshot and all contestants in the forum and the gallery.

Irrlicht 1.8.1 released

Irrlicht version 1.8.1 is out. This is a bugfix release. It improves stability and speed and doesn’t change interfaces. For discussions about it please check this forum thread. Happy downloading!

06-Jul-13Monthly Screenshot Contest – July 2013

Here is the winner of the Screenshot of the Month contest for July: TheMrCerebro with Onsomnia. You can find the screenshot and all contestants in the forum and the gallery.

Move of Irrlicht repository and SF update

Recently we got a new svn repository and bugtrackers for Irrlicht due to an sourceforge update. So when you work with svn you should update the address as the old one will no longer get updates. Old repositories will be kept online as read-only. You can check-out with the new path like: svn checkout svn:// […]

SuperTuxKart for SourceForge Project of the month

The freely available and Irrlicht powered game SuperTuxKart has been nominated as’s Project of the Month for March. You can support them by giving them your vote at and spread the link and image. Their team would receive an interview and additional exposure on the SourceForge front page and in SourceForge’s monthly e-mail.

Irrlicht 1.8 is released!

Irrlicht version 1.8 is finally here 🙂 Some of the new features are: New loaders for mdl, wal, smf Cg support Support for custom hardware cursors Improved support for 64-bit platforms Major OSX device improvements Occlusion culling Improved collada support Improved shadows Polygon offset support ISceneLoader interface Supporting now MSVC 2010 and 2012 New versions […]

New website!

Irrlicht’s website is now powered by WordPress, which means we don’t need to edit the raw HTML each time someone (usually Christian or Niko) posts a news update. Now that any of the devs can post news and edit pages without risk of destroying the site, you should see lots more news updates! You can now […]

Irrlicht beginners book completed!

Some of you might have been waiting for this. Johannes Stein and Aung Sithu Kyaw have completed The Irrlicht beginner book from Packt Publishing. Take a look if you need a kickstart for your Irrlicht development. It is available both in printed and ebook edition.

Irrlicht .NET wrapper available

There is a new Irrlicht.NET wrapper available. It makes it possible to use Irrlicht from any .NET language like C# or VisualBasic.NET. It is implemented in C# and supports Irrlicht 1.7.2.