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PIRATES! The rescue…

An early, playable version of a new game from Jorge Rosa. Pure entertainment for family and friends at any age. Comes with retro-graphic platform style and easy 3-button controls. – Controls have just 3 main keys: UP + DOWN + SHOOT. – No lives, no countdown timers, no stress! – Audios are soft, no shoot, […]

IMP – Irrlicht Music Player

IMP – Irrlicht Music Player is a music player. Unique in the world, of its own kind. Probably the most expensive CPU music player too, but its all for our fun! Uses the latest Irrlicht 1.8.4. Mostly done with code and help came from irrlicht forums and community. Intends to give a nice ambient to […]

Forum working again

Thanks to our sysop the forum can be used again. It looks like the connectivity troubles had caused too many stale open sessions in the forum database.

Website & forum troubles

Last week SourceForge, which we use for hosting, was having connectivity issues. This caused the Irrlicht homepage and forum to work badly. Over the last days most things started working again – except the forum continues to be broken. Old posts can be read but everything else is currently not working. We try to figure […]

Stunt Marble Racers 2 – alpha release

Stunt Marble Racers 2 is a marble racing game. Race against others in a network game or against yourself using the ghost feature in the Time Trial mode. The game was developed with Irrlicht 1.8.4 and uses XEffects for shadow mapping. – more than a dozen tracks available – network mode for up to 4 […]

Alpha-release “Schwarzerblitz”

Schwarzerblitz is a 3D fighting game focused on fast 1 vs. 1 battles. It has been developed with a customized version of Irrlicht 1.9.0 and runs on Windows machines only. The playable alpha is available for download and features: – six playable characters, with more to come (20+ characters are planned) – nine different stages […]

Irrlicht 1.8.4 release

A new bugfix release for the Irrlicht 1.8 series. This one is mostly about getting it to compile with gcc5 and c++11. Visit the forum thread for more info about changes. Download the zip here. Enjoy!

Release: “Worlds”

“Worlds” is an action / adventure / stealth game made with Irrlicht, which will plunge you in many strange worlds. The game offers a lot of liberty, and you’ll find out that there’s often more than one way to finish your mission. It features: – A deep and intricate story, with plenty of surprises and […]

Release: “Nightork Adventures – Beyond the Moons of Shadalee”

“Nightork Adventures – Beyond the Moons of Shadalee” has been released! It’s an arcade shooter game, made with the Irrlicht Engine. You fly with a spaceship through procedurally generated caves and fight against evil demons using magic colors. There is a campaign of 30 levels and 6 boss monsters. It also comes with a level […]

Back from hack

The Irrlicht homepage got hacked last weekend. A backdoor was installed in our wordpress installation and invisible spam-links got added all over the place. This was possible as we hadn’t updated our WordPress installation for too long. Most things are now back in place. But we will no longer allow comments on posts (we have […]